A transport company with clear visions

Over the last hundred years, our transport company has developed steadily. With our branches in Austria, Hungary and Germany, we are broadly positioned. In the meantime, we have become a leading transport company in the field of bulk transport.

Temmel – a transport company with tailor-made solutions

Like our modern fleet of trucks, our transport company is constantly moving forward. Because innovation and progress are what set us apart. With our extensive portfolio, we offer you a wide range of transport solutions: in addition to bulk transports, this also includes refrigerated transports, furniture transports, delivery transports with tail lifts and construction material transports. With traileryards or interchangeable systems, our customers can not only make optimal use of their space. They can also cut their costs in terms of loading and idle times. In this way we can offer customised, individual logistics and transport solutions.

Modern truck fleet for safe transport

When it comes to modern truck fleets, we are pioneers throughout Austria. 90 percent of the truck fleet has already been converted to the latest and most environmentally friendly engine type Euro 6. Another part of our fleet is fully electric and thus no more local emissions are produced. The first fully electric trucks were already implemented at our customer’s premises in 2016. Our transport company is currently working on special conversion solutions for electric trucks. Here, old diesel vehicles are converted into electric vehicles at our partner pepper motion GmbH in Ingolstadt. This allows us to respond precisely to the needs of our customers during the planning stage.  

HIRSCH SERVO | Mag.(FH) Daniel Frank

Head of Logistics at HMB and HP-AT

"We count Spedition Herbert Temmel GmbH as one of our longest-standing and most important partner freight forwarders because we, the customer, always come first. We appreciate the Spedition Herbert Temmel GmbH for their flexibility and for their handshake quality. We can always rely on Spedition Herbert Temmel GmbH and Spedition Herbert Temmel GmbH always has a tailor-made solution available for our diverse requirements."

Useful information

Toll regulations Austria: Find out more about the Austrian toll regulations here. ASFINAG regulates the toll system and is thus entitled to charge a time-based toll sticker or a mileage-based toll – depending on the maximum permissible gross weight of the motor vehicle used.

Toll rates in Austria: A mileage-based toll applies to all motor vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight (hzG) of over 3.5 tonnes on Austria’s motorways and motorways. You can find more information on rates, the GO-Box and its distribution points here.

Toll rates in Germany: In our neighbouring country, different rules and rates apply to freight transport than here. These are regulated and published by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). Information on the amount of the toll and the toll routes can be found here.

Toll rates in Czech Republic: A kilometre-based toll is payable for the use of Czech motorways, motorways and 1st class roads. This applies to vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight (hzG) of over 3.5 tonnes. Further information can be found here.

Toll rates in Hungary: In Hungary, a general toll obligation applies to all heavy goods vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5 tonnes. This route-dependent toll is recorded by the HU-Go electronic toll system. Read more information on the applicable regulations here.

CMR conditions: Cross-national transport with our modern truck fleet is part of our company portfolio. These are regulated by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR). The agreement applies to all CMR Member States. 

Diesel price index: Rising fuel prices are currently one of the most important challenges facing the transport and logistics industry. A serious and transparent cost calculation is indispensably linked to customer satisfaction and the economic success of our company. 

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