From Graz into the world...

Our new subsidiary Air & Sea

At Temmel Air and Sea GmbH we are dedicated to simplify your logistics need by providing top-notch air-, and seafreight solutions.

Temmel GmbH has more than 100 years of logistics history and is a well known brand in Austria. Temmel Air and Sea GmbH, as the new subsidiary, follows the same values as the mother company, wich are: trust, reliability and service excellence.


Why choose us?

Tailored solutions: Every business is unique and so are logistics needs. Our team works closely with you to develop customized solutions that fit your requirements and budget. Whether you are shipping a small parcel or managing complex project, we got you covered!

Cutting edge technology: We leverage the latest technology to offer you the best service possible. Including a own tracking system as well as online instant pricing, which is already available in Airfreight. Seafreight to follow soon. Transparence on each quote and shipment is on of our top priorities.

Reliability: We unterstand that timely delivery is crucial for your business. Thats why we prioritize reliability in all our operations, from booking shipments, to tracking and final delivery.

Local Expertise: Our local experts support each of your shipments with their extensive market knowledge as well as distinguish logistical Know-How. 

Air freight services

Speed is the essence when it comes to air freight. We offer competitive rates and efficient solutions for your air cargo needs. General cargo quotes are done within 30 minutes after receipt of inquiry! 


Sea freight services

For larger shipments and cost-effective transport, our seafreight services are tailored to meet your ocean cargo demands. We serve northern ports (e.g. Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Antwerp) as well as major southern ports (e.g. Koper, Trieste).

What we offer in addition

CUSTOMS BROKERAGE: Navigating customs regulations can be a headache. Our local experts handle it for you, ensuring smooth clearance of your valued cargo. 

WAREHOUSING: Being located directly at airport GRZ we are able to offer secured warehousing and distribution services. 

Unternehmen, die auf uns zählen