TEMMEL supports the Kumulipo Movement association


A special partnership that benefits many people.

As a logistics company, we know: In today's fast-paced world, it's all about moving forward. This makes it all the more important to look back from time to time so as not to forget what is really important for people and their communities.

That's why it was probably more than just coincidence when our Temmel Managing Director Martin Treffer met Christoph Peinhaupt and learned about his non-profit association "Kumulipo Movement" - and decided to use Temmel's expertise to actively support the association's projects.


The "Kumulipo Movement" association

The association was founded in 2021 in Ghana as an NGO and in 2023 in Austria as a non-profit association by Isaac Nda Kwofie and Christoph Peinhaupt. Christoph, a native of Graz, got to know many cultures and communities on his travels - and realized how great our responsibility as humans is to preserve our world for future generations. The idea for the "Kumulipo Movement" was born.  

In Hawaiian, "Kumulipo" refers to the song of creation, which tells of the origin of plants, animals and humans and their relationships with each other. This is also the basic idea behind the association, which is dedicated to preserving indigenous and nomadic traditions, beliefs and ways of life. The aim is to combine indigenous and modern knowledge in order to promote progress without losing what is tried and tested. The protection and revitalization of nature and the environment are also part of the movement.


Our contribution to the "AKATAKYI" project

Temmel wants to join this mission and is therefore supporting the association project "AKATAKYI - sustainable developing village & Akatakyi clean-up campaign" in Ghana - both financially and as a transport company by providing vehicles and delivering tools and relief supplies. The Akatakyi project began in the coastal village of the same name in southwest Ghana. Originally, the idea was just to clean the beach of garbage. However, it quickly became clear that the village needed a fundamental waste management system. Together with local authorities, NGOs and community leaders, the necessary infrastructure was created in close cooperation - always with the local community and values in mind. In this way, the local population can gradually combine modern strategies with proven knowledge to create a sustainable perspective for the community.

As a partner, sponsor and company, we are pleased to be able to advance the work of the association and ensure that small communities also have a future - while also taking something away from their traditions for ourselves.


You can support this worthwhile project here: